AIRBUS CityAirbus





CityAirbus is a battery-powered air vehicle able to vertically take off and land. It is designed to carry up to four passengers over congested megacities to important destinations such as airports or train stations in a fast, affordable and environmentally friendly way. The innovative four-ducted propeller configuration significantly contributes to safety and low acoustic footprint.


Number of Passengers

19 miles


75 m/h

Cruising Speed


Rated Payload

Cruising Duration


Charging Time

Number of Engines / Propellers / Rotors




Aircraft Net Weight


Take-off and Landing

Full Electric


* VTOL (vertical take-off and landing), CTOL (conventional take-off and landing), STOL (short take-off and landing), STOVL (short take-off and vertical landing)


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We are at the cusp of a third revolution in flight. That’s why at Airbus, we are laser focused on specific research and development areas that are going to be the key drivers in shaping the future of aerospace and improving the way we live, travel, and interact. Here are a few. Electric and hybrid-electric propulsion is the most promising technology to develop means of transportation with improved environmental performance that are less reliant on fossil fuels and use energy more efficiently. That’s why Airbus is investing heavily in research dedicated to developing all necessary technologies, and partnering with the best to make it a reality.